Homes in the US

mardi 12 juin 2007
par  Marie-Line Bouhatous

These houses were shelter some American lucky people : people living in Katonah, a small town about 20 miles away from the big apple.
The village is separated in many neighbourhoods ; the centre where the streets are straight and the houses closer than in the other parts of the village. Some people live maybe two miles away from their neighbours because they have huge gardens (and wonderful properties) with a swimming-pool and a swing. The houses themselves are not solid because they are made essentially of wood.

They are composed like ours, but unlike us, Americans don’t use really often some rooms. For example, the dining room : they will eat there only if they receive guests.
The other difference is the basement. We don’t live in our basement in France, Americans do. They use it as playroom or room, like a storey for us.

The inside of their houses seems ‘kitsch’ for us and a bathtub in a middle of a huge room a bit odd.
And what we forgot to say, what astonished us was the size of their houses. ‘Huge’ is not enough…









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