American food habits

mardi 12 juin 2007
par  Marie-Line Bouhatous

When we went to United States of America, we studied American food habits. We saw that there were some differences with french food.
First, we noticed that they don’t eat at the same time as in France. For breakfast, at seven a.m., they eat a lot : they often eat pancakes with maple syrup, peanut butter, many people eat chocolate muffins with blueberries, cereals, and they always drink a glass of milk.

Then they go to school by school bus. At ten thirty or eleven, they have lunch. Many students eat in classrooms or in the self quickly because they don’t have a break for lunch. Some students prepare their own small bag of food which contains : bretzels or chips, one sandwich with meat (pig, turkey, chicken), salads, sauce like mustard and tomatoes. For desert, they eat cheesebars or fruit like apple or sandwich with peanut butter. And they drink water or sodas.
At the self they eat sandwiches, pizza and popcorn.
During the week-end for lunch they eat hamburgers, meat, vegetables, donuts with cheese.

American students eat popcorn, bretzels, chips and they drink smoothies and milk shakes all day. They drink coffee and hot chocolate in Starbucks coffee houses.

For dinner like for lunch, they don’t gather to eat but rather snack upon chinese food (bread, rice, vegetables and fruits) or less often they go to a restaurant (mostly italian, chinese or a fast food).
They don’t seem to eat a lot of dairy products(yoghurts, cheese) and drink wine only on very special occasions(wine is expensive in US). Unlike us, they don’t eat a lot of pasta and don’t drink their coffee pure but prefer dilute it or make it stew all day in containers with some other ingredients(such as chocolate, orange zests which in the end makes it more like tea than coffee. No many of them think that MC Donald’s is a bad place to eat. And in NYC there are no possibility of having a drink outside.









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